The Second Garth Carson Novel
- Seattle Times Bestseller
- Independent Booksellers Bestseller


— Lee Child

Leaping fishes. Prowling bobcats. Mute moose heads....These are the things that fill Garth Carson’s life, as he buys, sells and rents exotic taxidermy from his funky New York City storefront. But now, Garth and his gal Angie have acquired the most dangerous stuffed critter in the world: a certain white crow in a bell jar that Angie practically swoons over—and that other people are dying to get their hands on...
When the crow is stolen, along with $50,000 worth of Garth’s best taxidermy, the search leads Garth and Angie into the spooky heart of old New England and a realm of crazy carneys, bumbling Feds, and a couple of freshly snuffed collectors. To find out why, these two reluctant sleuths must penetrate a zany, highly illegal international treasure hunt—and meet a freak who has a thing for murder..


“The funniest tough-guy writer there is.”
Lee Child

“Audacious and always original, Wiprud twngs funny bones I never knew I had.”
— T. Jefferson Parker

“Brian Wiprud is either a genius or a lunatic. Or maybe both.”
Steve Hamilton

“Wiprud's imagination runs wild here, and he skillfully brings the reader along as the plot moves more and more out into left field. His protagonist's frequent and eccentric musings about everything from the joy of cheap moose heads to the pain of parking signs add to the lighthearted tone.”
Publishers Weekly

“For readers who like their humorous mysteries clever and artful”
Chicago Tribune

“Wiprud is a rising star…his novels belong in the same league as those by Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey and Bill Fitzhugh.
Florida Sun-Sentinel

“STUFFED is a wild insane thriller …Brian M. Wiprud provides a terrific thriller STUFFED with the zanies that showcase a likable collector who proves he is no PIPSQUEAK.”
— Harriet Klausner, BookReview.com

“This novel had me laughing so hard at times that I had to wipe my eyes in order to keep reading. I found myself actually putting several bookmarks in spots just so I could go back later and reread some funnier sections! Now THAT is talent, Readers. So sit back and enjoy the most wacky, humorous, yet serious mystery story of your life.”
Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

“This is a very different book, part caper, part comedy and part mystery, it makes a welcome change from conventional crime-fiction novels and indicates that Wiprud is an important talent in the genre. Recommended to those who like zany caper novels.”
— Ali Karim, January Magazine

“STUFFED is an incredibly funny and adventurous story that pits the ordinary against the bizarre. Wiprud has created such an array of quirky characters that they give the word bizarre a brand new meaning. This book is hard to put down until you know why everyone's feathers are so ruffled by the white crow in the bell jar. A great read!”
Jory Reedy, Fresh Fiction

“Garth, Angie and their sidekick, Otto, are the funniest, freshest characters you¹ll meet between the pages of a book. If you like a little nuttiness ‘and a fast-paced story, don¹t miss this one.”
Lorraine Gelly, Romantic Times

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